Home Based Business Opportunities

Home Based Business Opportunities

Home BusinessWhich unique home based business opportunity will you use to monetize your site, or to make it generate income? As you consider starting an online business you too need to consider this most important element of building your business regarding which internet business models you will use to build your online business. You will either create a unique home based business opportunity or not.

For each business you build, you will choose one of these models that will work best for your particular business and niche you’ve chosen. Now, the more sophisticated and experienced you become the more likely you will combine some of these. But starting out you want to keep things simple and you want to focus so you can get up and running. It actually all started because I wanted to transfer my Site Build It (SBI) website to WordPress.

Attempting to eat the whole pie at this point will simply frustrate and delay your initial success. Your goal is to build a unique home based business opportunity that works 24/7.

In my case for instance, I wanted to produce my e-book way too soon and I lost some time and energy focusing on that before I was really ready. I’m just working on that piece of the puzzle now after having set it aside for some months. I really wish I had signed up for a service like Site Build It right form the start. Let’s look at the basic list of choices of internet business models you might use to create your own unique home based business opportunity. Under each of these are also sub topical methodologies and we’ll discuss those below as we go.

Building a list of names and email addresses for future mailings

Using this model your primary goal is to capture names and email addresses so that you can send specific offers based on the reason they came and responded to your initial ad? The idea here is that you will be using a landing page with a form that will request the information in exchange for something – it could be an e-book, an email course, entrance into the website really anything of value that will entice folks to provide their name and email address.

So, using this internet model you advertise (paid or free), receive visitors, but receive nothing at this time, and you provide them with the information or request for which they came. In this method the email list is everything combined with the knowledge of the reason they visited and completed the form.

Armed with a list of prospective customers who have “opted in” or given you permission to send them future emails (always with the right to remove that option), you then begin to make very targeted offers for the kinds of products and services they are likely already buying or that you hope will buy in the future. If this method is used it will create a unique home based business opportunity that can work in a very big way if managed properly.

Affiliate Marketing

This is far and away one of the most popular internet business models chosen by beginners. This is because you can start immediately. You have no cost associated with the product itself but rather just your costs of setting up and then advertising in some form or another.

Typically you will be representing big name companies or well known name brands online (such as in the online business world, the companies may be huge, doing millions of dollars of business every week but the name may not be recognized by the average person). By representing these companies you already have name recognition when representing household names.

When doing affiliate marketing you might use a website that is Informational, a Review type, or simply use landing pages to redirect visitors to the primary corporate site to make the transaction. So, this too needs to be decided within the framework of choosing which internet business models to use you also must decide what marketing method you will use.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful online businesses and while it is not really a unique home based business opportunity, it can generate a lot of cash using this model. Go to the button on this site for more details about how to begin an affiliate marketing business:

Home Based Business Infographic

Promoting your own product or service

When promoting your own product or service you choose a slightly more challenging route unless what you have is really phenomenal and the profit margin is so large that you have plenty of room between marketing costs and profits. And generally speaking you will have a very high profit margin if you have created or invented a product or service that you alone own. This is the way many of the big name online operators started.

Here too, though, it is all the more important to decide on which internet business models you will choose from because this choice will determine all you do from here on out. You can really use any of the models shown here or develop your very own (which will still typically be a form of these). So, this too can be developed into a very unique home based business opportunity as long as you think it through completely and build it properly. It is a little harder but may be very rewarding.

Building a Network Marketing Business – Two Forms

Millions of people are attempting to build either network marketing businesses, direct marketing businesses OR multi-level-marketing companies both on and offline.

To learn more about the differentiation between these business models go to my article here: Network Marketing / Direct Marketing / MLM – Defined

Focus to Win

You’ve now read through the Big 7 Steps to starting an online business and the rest of this site (beyond these 7 introductory pages) is all about putting these steps into action so you can build your own unique home based business opportunity. As always, you may contact me at anytime using the form below for any assistance. I’ve suggested a few links to which you can go from here: Book Excerpts from Building a Purposeful Business

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I have found the question most people are asking is: What can I do to earn some money by working from home rather than what my site is primarily about – Building Your Own Online Business.

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So, the next page WILL DEFINITELY provide you with some great ways about how you can easily, simply and immediately begin to generate an income! But it will not be thousands of dollars to per month. Anyone that tries to tell you that you can make big bucks but do little or nothing or just do some work online, is simply not telling the truth, so try to avoid that kind of hype.

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Now here is an affiliate company that pays for surveys so this is one of the easiest affiliate programs to do and this company is the top in the industry.

Real Home Businesses

If I can help you think through your choices: whether earning extra income OR building a business for significant income, use the form below to contact me with any questions.

Here is one of the simplest ways to get started online with a site that is up and running within 48 hours and all the affiliate relationships established. The training is fantastic as you’ll learn all about internet marketing as you go and grow.

Real Networking Skills for Teenagers

Real Networking Skills for Teenagers

Networking Skills For TeenagersWhat is real networking? Simply, it is meeting people and building contacts in the community. Whether that community is business, social or academic, real networking pays off. Let’s look at an example:

Ashley has decided she is ready to look for work. She is 16 and her parents told her that she has to get a job if she wants spending money. No more allowance.

Sounds harsh? Maybe. But, Ashley has a broad social network. In other words, she has a lot of friends. One of her closest friends, we’ll call her Ann, already has a job at a local fast-food restaurant. One day, Ashley and Ann are talking when Ashley mentions needing to find work.

Ann tells her that the fast-food place is hiring and offers to bring her an application to fill out. Ultimately, Ashley gets the job, where she remains for over a year.

This is a true story. Ashley now works a full-time job in a different field, and is saving for college and a car.

Had Ashley neglected her social network, her friends, she would not necessarily have known the fast-food place was looking for people. Because she and Ann were close friends and willing to help each other out, she found her position quickly.

You don’t have to be a high powered businessperson to for real networking. You don’t need to wear suits or carry a briefcase. And you don’t have to be in “fake” relationships.

In fact, “faking it” is worse than not networking at all.

Instead, focus on getting to know people. Those you like, stay in touch with, spend time together. If the person needs something, and you can help out (it could be tutoring, housework, or babysitting), do it. Then, if you need something later, you can feel confident about going to that person with a request.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that it’s not all about you. No matter what Happy Bunny® says.

Networking is a two-way street

Now, you might be asking, “How can I do real networking with professionals and not just other teens?” Obviously, it will be more challenging to move in grown-up circles when you are 16 or 17. But don’t give up!

Join an organization that you are interested in. Get to know the people in charge. Also, attend events that interest you and talk to the adults there. If you and one of the adults bond, mention that you are working on building your contacts. That you want to get to know people who can mentor you as you prepare for college or to enter the working world.

Another option is to find a person who is doing what you want to do. If your dream is to become a lawyer, ask around if anyone knows a lawyer. Maybe one of your friends’ parents is a lawyer. Or has a relative who practices law. If this is the case, call and ask for a meeting. Explain that you want to learn more because you are considering a law career.

Most professionals are glad to take a few minutes to share with a young person who is genuinely interested.
The main thing to remember is to relax and be honest. Don’t worry about what a person can do for you. Get to know them and do things for them, instead. It will pay off. Big time. And in ways you cannot imagine.

Another example:

I am friends with a couple. The wife and I get together about once a week for coffee and dinner. Sometimes her husband comes along. And we all enjoy each others company.

So, when I was out of work, I decided to try to find something in a new field. I mentioned it to my friend. Her husband later emailed me with contact information for a guy he knew who was looking to hire an office manager. I applied and got the position.

Never in a million years did I become friends with this couple thinking it would get me a job. But, I was someone they knew and trusted, so when the job opening was mentioned, the husband thought of me.

This is how real networking happens. You cannot go in with a pre-conceived idea of what you will get out of a relationship.

Let the relationship grow naturally and great things will happen.

Create Your Own Job!

Create Your Own Job!

Create Your Own JobThat’s right, create your own job!

Is the downward spiral of our current economy keeping you up at night? Are you worried where your next paycheck will be coming from?

In today’s tight job market, there are two kinds of people. There are those who are wringing their hands and complaining and those who are thinking outside the box to a new future. Yes, times are bleak, but your destiny can be recreated and restored by shifting the way you think.

Create Your Own Job

Does the concept of creating your own job sound exciting? There are people doing this very thing every day and are successful. There are many possible ways to earn money if you open your eyes to new ways of promoting the most lucrative product you have– yourself.
First, make a list of the skills you have. Include everything, from typing to a great telephone manner.

Now make another list of all the hobbies and interests you have. What special knowledge do you possess? What do you do in your free time? This second list is meant to show you the skills you have developed as a result of the passion you feel for that subject. Many of today’s profitable companies began when someone decided to turn a weekend hobby into a rewarding career.

It’s Not Magical

Your lists will give you a bottom line idea of where you stand in terms of skills.

Now, you need to research the job market and find out how to fit in. Even though companies are laying off employees at an alarming rate, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money.

Read the newspapers, check out community blogs, and network with family and friends to see what type of companies are hiring. Then create a space for yourself. Once you understand where the jobs are, you will know the types of products and services that are currently profitable.

Freelancers abound in our today’s workforce. Can you write well? Advertise your services. There are many Web sites that are looking for skilled writers. Perhaps you could write resumes? Or tutor students in the art of writing a winning essay?

Are you handy with tools or home improvements? There is a need for people like you. Decide on a rate of pay for each type of job, whether it’s painting a room or changing spark plugs.

With some advertising and of course, word-of-mouth recommendations, you may soon have more clients than you can handle. At that time, you may incorporate your fledgling business and even hire an employee. Yes, that can happen!

This brings up another important point about how to create your own job. There are certain laws and tax codes that apply to businesses and it’s important to stay current with this information. Many community colleges offer classes that can explain this aspect of owning your own business.

When you fully understand and appreciate all the skills and knowledge you possess, you can confidently step outside the box of traditional employment opportunities and blaze your own trail to success.

Before looking for your next job in the classified section of the paper, look inside yourself.

Tap into those areas that truly interest you. Turn a hobby into a money-making opportunity. There is money to be made in today’s economy and with a little thinking and some research, you can be successful. Everyone has a skill; find yours and put it to work for you.

Create your own job for your ultimate employment satisfaction.

Finding The Best Affordable Web Hosting

Finding The Best Affordable Web Hosting
Finding The Best Affordable Web Hosting

How To Find The Best Affordable Web Hosting

Searching for the best cheap web hosting option? The most affordable web hosting plan? You have come to the right place. Here I will prove to you that you don’t have to be rich to make your place online a reality.

Everyone wants the best web hosting for their money. However it can be difficult to figure out which companies are worth the money and which ones should be left alone.

Affordable means different for everyone. If affordable in your opinion is $29.99/month, then look into the BEST web site hosting company and SEO solution ever, SiteSell.com

But if for you affordable is more like $4/month, then consider:

inMotion hosting and HostGator. Both have good prices on their shared plans: inMotion $3.00/month and HostGator $3.96/month.

Compared to other cheap hosting options, both inMotion (www.inmotionhosting.com) and HostGator (www.hostgator.com) offer good quality and reliable web hosting – and their hosting is environmentally friendly too.

inMotion has opened a green data center in LA and has now reduced their carbon output by 2,000 tons per year.

HostGator has wind powered servers.

But of course inMotion and HostGator do not come with the advanced marketing/traffic building tools and SEO tools, like SiteSell (29.99/month) does.

So, for people looking to expand their business or for people finally taking their business online, the cheapest might not always be the best option. But for the little guy cheap might be the only option.

Best Affordable Web Hosting Providers

Apart from inMotion and HostGator there are a few other really good ones as well, for example StableHost ($4.95/month). With StableHost.com you can easily add e-stores, social media and blogs to your website. It also has a easy to use control panel. The servers are not overloaded, and that is a really good thing.

Best Affordable Web Hosting

When looking for a good web host, look for one that has a lot to offer for the price. A few of the things to look for are how much bandwidth comes with the package, how much storage, and how many sub-domains can be added to the account. Unlimited storage and bandwidth is not always good though! Many hosts that offer unlimited everything oversell – resulting in bad service.

The cheap web hosting plans aren’t always the ones with the most options, even if the one you have chosen is one of the best affordable web hosting plans you can find. But you could of course always upgrade later on, so this should not be a problem.

Someone who’s just getting started with their very first website probably won’t need all the tools available with the more expensive web hosting plans anyway.

Affordable Business Web Site Hosting

Affordable Business Web Hosting - For people who have decided to take their business online but still need to watch their budgets, SiteSell is the best one. For $29.99 you get so much, for example SEO analysis for all your pages. And I can testify that your pages will climb the search engines with SiteSell. Like mine is!

If you want something cheaper, InMotion has a Business Class Package that has gotten the “Best Business Host” award. The prices start at $5.95. You get most features with the Pro plan though that costs $13.95 per month. With that one you can host up to 25 websites on one account, if you would want to.

If your business is ready to go to the next level though, I cannot recommend SiteSell highly enough. For $29.99 per month you get lots of tools you later will not be able to live without :) You also get page analysis for each page you build. This will help you create a website that the search engines will pick up quickly.